Peng-Yu (Jay) Chen

Love to make things to help people


Peng-Yu Chen, aka Jay Chen is a quick learner with a detail-oriented mindset, dedicated to completing all assigned challenges. The experience of two part-time jobs in both a research-oriented start-up and a market-oriented company enables him to develop the essential skills for being a qualified and reliable software engineer. Peng-Yu is highly adaptive to new environments and different cultures, humble to embrace diversity.

Work Experience

iOS Software Engineer

Internship, Grindr | May 2019 - Present

Develop an iOS application for the gay community.

  • Partner with product managers and quality assurance engineers to develop features and the user interface.
  • Implement MVVM structures through RxSwift’s data binding and Swift’s protocol-oriented programming.
  • Improve efficiency and flexibility through migrating legacy code from Objective-C to modern Swift standards.

Software Engineer

TrendHand Co., Ltd | August 2018 - April 2019

Wrote scientific computing progarms to create shoe pads.

  • Developed object-oriented programs in C++ to calculate feet arch’s parameters of customers for manufacturing specific shoe pads to treat physiological ailments such as plantar fasciitis, hallux valgus, and flat feet.
  • Established backend APIs by Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing the frontend to call these APIs for correcting wrongly measured data.
  • Stored, retrieved, and manipulated more than 1,000 data sets of feet’s parameters for close analysis with Django.

Research Assistant, Advisor: Tung-Wu Lu

Orthopaedic Engineering & Movement Analysis Laboratory at National Taiwan University | August 2018 – April 2019

Trained deep learning models for predicting postures in videos.

  • Achieved 91% accuracy on categorizing 20 sports actions in videos via OpenPose library in Caffe.
  • Cooperated with orthopedists and physical therapists to analyze 3D data of bones.

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Advisor: Ming Ouhyoung

Communications & Multimedia Laboratory at National Taiwan University | February 2017 – July 2017

Customized a VR environment simulating cataract surgeries.

  • Established an environment by .NET Framework and C# in Unity that allows ophthalmologists to simulate a cataract surgery.
  • Cooperated with ophthalmologists to do user study and adjust the parameters of Unity’s environment.


GitHub Pages: open source algorithms reference

  • Help 280,000+ people learn algorithms according to Google Analytics.
  • Maintain the website’s content, review pull requests, and resolve issues in my GitHub repository regularly.
  • Implement CLRS pseudocode in C++ that strictly follows coding convention.

Full-stack web app to help people track the statistics of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

  • Implemented the functions to track the statistics of COVID-19 within three degrees.
  • Developed the algorithm to calculate statistics by depth-first search algorithm and caching mechanism.
  • Designed the web frontend by React.js and deployed the backend APIs through Firebase’s Cloud Firestore.

Chat Backup

July 2019

Grindr iOS App’s feature: making a backup of chat data

  • Designed the backup view controller’s UI/UX by RxSwift framework and MVVM structure.
  • Established a CRUD interface of Apple’s CloudKit by closures and the Encodable and Decodable protocol in Swift.

Mute User

October 2019

Grindr iOS App’s feature: muting a specific user

  • Cooperated with a backend engineer and designed the feature that allows users to mute a specific user.


March 2019

Full Stack web app to send surveys to people

  • Implemented OAuth login and RESTful APIs by Node.js and MongoDB; rendered frontend by React.js; deployed by Heroku.
  • Integrated Stripe API for billing functionality; handled webhook data by SendGrid for mailing service.